Callington Community Hub

Your Community Hub is your source for Local and Regional information.

Here you will find History and Photos (past and present), Your Local Business Guide and Service Providers that service the region.

An index of your local Community and School Activities and an Event Calendar so that you can be involved in your Community Events.

Citizens can take advantage of a free local email address e.g. my.name@callington.net.au.  Access your mail using Webmail or your computer's email program.
For a small annual charge, Citizens and Businesses can also obtain  a special email account e.g. homer@callington.net.au or BurgerPlace@callington.net.au or even their own webpage(s) e.g. www.BurgerPlace.callington.net.au and info@urgerplace.callington.net.au (community organisations are usually exempt from charges).
Apply now, email george.mckay@callington.net.au or phone 0488 597 191

Help keep your Community Hub up-to-date....

If you have any additional information, photos, stories, events or other information for this website, email george.mckay@callington.net.au or phone 0488 597 191....

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